The Joy of Being Unconscious

Every night, we drift off into unconsciousness. At this time, our bodies are resting and making repairs.

But that’s hard to do if we’re tossing and turning and not getting enough sleep.

Your pillow may be at fault.

Does your current pillow support the curve of your neck?

Is it too fluffy?

Has it seen better days?

It might be time to upgrade to a chiropractor-recommended pillow.

At Christensen Chiropractic we sell the ChiroFlow Water Pillow. This pillow is an easy to fill water base pillow technology that automatically responds to head movement as you sleep through the night, providing cervical support all night long. Everyone has different levels of support that they need and the Chiroflow pillow accommodates everyone by allowing you to put as much water in the pillow as you need.

A recent study

Logan College of Chiropractic conducted two separate clinical studies. The first of the two studies conducted sought the evaluation of Chiroflow® Waterbase® pillow and its satisfaction among asymptomatic subjects. Asymptomatic subjects can be described as ones that do not show or exhibit any sleep disorders or suffer from chronic pain issues, making this study’s objective to see if the “regular” sleepers showed improved quality of sleep.

The study included 104 subjects and required they sleep on the Chiroflow® pillow and record their results. Based on the results they reported, Logan College found that 68.3% of the subjects found sleeping with the Chiroflow® pillow improved their quality of sleep over their usual pillow. Of the 104 subjects it was also reported that after the study completed, 90.4% of the subjects would continue the use of the Chiroflow pillow. Logan College subsequently reported that the use of the Chiroflow® pillow was associated with enhanced quality of sleep-in asymptomatic subjects.

Next time you’re in, ask for a test drive.

Christensen Chiropractic