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Therapeutic Exercises

If you suffer from an injury or a chronic illness such as arthritis, you’ll find relief in our physical therapy and rehab services in Ottawa. At Christensen Chiropractic, we custom-build treatment plans using proven methods to decrease your stiffness and pain while restoring mobility. Ultimately, we work to free you from whatever may be holding you back, including medications. All you need to do is take the first step and schedule a consultation with us.

You Deserve to Thrive

You need your treatment to work. No one knows that better than we do. Therefore, we carefully build a custom program that includes both in-office treatments and at-home exercises. This powerful combination makes it possible for muscles and joints to recover, become stronger, and gain flexibility that much faster. Trusted worldwide to relieve injuries and symptoms of aging, physical therapy perfectly complements our chiropractic care for quick recovery no matter your age.

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No matter the reason, if you can’t move without pain, we invite you to try our rehab therapy services. Trust us to customize your plan and stick with you over the long haul.